Yoga Diaries: Y7 Yoga Silver Lake

Back with some more yoga diaries! I spent last weekend back in California, and obviously I had to get some yoga in there. The entire time I was in LA this fall, my friend Melissa and I kept missing each other, so we vowed to get together this time. She’s also a yoga teacher, so […]
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2018 Cyber Monday Shopping Guide!

As I write this, there are 30 days until Christmas. WHAT? When did this happen? The past few years were the most painful holiday seasons of my life. I hope I’m not being overly optimistic, but I’m ready for this holiday season. I actually even got excited for the season a few days ago—a massive […]
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Yoga Diaries: YogaWorks Brooklyn Heights

I’m thinking about starting some kind of Yoga Diaries series here. I’m doing a shit ton of yoga, as I attempt to learn more to inform both my own practice and those I am teaching. Obviously, every class and every instructor is different, and every day on the mat has a lesson to teach me. […]
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Life Lately.

This meme is my favorite, whenever I’m feeling just overwhelmed with life I look at this and laugh. It embodies exactly how I’m feeling. 
Still showing the house, almost daily. I’ve only gotten feedback like ‘love the house, love the decor’ but only one low offer so far. Sigh. I do feel better now that I know we can push back our closing date if needed, we may not make the 6/7 deadline. 
I’m living on bare minimums as far as food goes – chicken, salmon, and tuna. Add chips, rice, veggies and I’ve got a meal, usually on a paper plate.
Oliver loved this combo last night {I used low fat butter} and you can bake at 425 for about 15 minutes if you don’t have the Instant Pot. I made jasmine rice and asparagus on the side. Plus you can get a huge salmon at Costco for like 25 bucks and it will make 3-4 meals for us! 
A while ago I had bluebonnet pictures of the kids made, we do it every year, Katie happened to be with me so we did a corny one for my Mom. Then we had a canvas made for Mother’s day.
She has the cutest wall hangings all over her house!
Baby Aiden is finishing up preschool for the year, last week is the last week already! We are planning a low key summer, no camps, no family vacation. We do plan to spend a lot of time swimming and hopefully that means a lot of time napping for them. We will continue with Madison’s soccer and math tutoring which is why we decided to forgo the Y camp this year. I highly recommend YMCA camp if you’re looking for one, they are affordable and keep the kids busy all day. I just think our summer funds are better spent on math tutoring for her, she’ll be STAR testing next year and I want her to be as caught up as possible. Mathnasium has a slightly different summer program, so they will do things to make it fun for the kids, but she enjoys going anyways so I’m not too worried about burnout. 
I’m not sure if I mentioned on here that we switched from Kumon to Mathnasium, but I’m SO GLAD we did. Her grades have shot up since we’ve made the move, I think the difference is that they cover ALL the things she’s struggling with not just a part of it like at Kumon. If you’re curious we were paying 100/month at Kumon and Mathnasium is 260/month. I don’t love the fact that you pay for 6 days a week even if you can’t go that often, I wish they had a cheaper 3 day a week option. I think even 5 days is a lot of extra work for an 8 year old and I don’t want her to start to hate math. 

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Mini House Tour

Just a little iPhone tour of the new house! We had our final walk through and will officially close on the 16th. 
Split garages – one is a 2 car and one is a single. I call the big one cause I’m terrible at parking. 
Front door and my favorite spot – the ‘mudroom’ area with the built ins for jackets and shoes. Both of my children have an abundance of both thanks to an Oma who thinks they outgrow them monthly 🙂

Entry way.

To the right is Oliver office, lots of light!

Right past that is the laundry room, we also have enough room for our extra fridge {aka the chicken fridge!}.

Then we go past the stairs to the living room/kitchen.

Across from the laundry room is the ‘dining’ room which will be used for more of a family office/homework area.

Living Room – still need to get a mantle made.

Kitchen – absolutely love that we were able to get dark lowers and white uppers! Not a fan of the fixtures, but I’ll wait until we move in to order any I just can’t decide when I’m not living there and seeing it every day.

My kitchen gets lots of natural light and has the cutest little window seat to the right. Just need to find the perfect table!

Quartz counters – dark grey Blanco sink.

Master. Double the windows I have now which I love but going to be a small fortune to shade/curtain them all.

Masterbath. I was a bit worried about the dark grey flooring, but with the white cabinets I think it turned out great!
I am also pretty excited about a shower seat! We have the smallest little shower now and it’s like upgrading to a king size bed for the first time LOL You’ll never want to go back!
The house backs up to a greenbelt so our fence is not a privacy fence, Oliver is afraid everyone will see him naked so we need to get blinds asap. 

I’ll continue with the upstairs another day!
Paint: Sherwin Williams agreeable grey
Kitchen Counter: Quartz Lusso
Cabinet Colors Sherwin Williams Extra White and Mindful Grey
Backsplash : Interceramic Marble Mosaic {contemporary blend lantern}Bath
Masterbath floor: Interceramic Habitat Smoke 12×12

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And, I’m back.

For the first time in months I’m home alone, well Oliver is in his office, but he rarely comes out unless it’s time to eat. Aiden started pre-school today, back to the same school he was in last year, he was not happy about it. He cried all through meet the teacher last week, but after watching an IG video of his BFF going to school {happily!} he started to get excited about it. 
Nope. Oliver told me he not only cried, but threw a fit. He just doesn’t like people, like, at all. He takes so long to warm up to anyone – just recently started saying hi to one of the girls at Crossfit and we see her EVERY SINGLE DAY for the last 1.5 years! 
This is his happy place, surrounded with toys and dogs. He’s been asking for either a dog or a baby sister, I told him Aunt Katie is his best shot for either of those. 
Actually now that we have a fenced in yard and are home like all day long I could probably be talked into one, maybe. MAYBE. Plus that roomba does a bang up job vacuuming! Hard to say no to Aiden with his, pweasssse. 
This girl is LOVING her new school and so am I! A lot of the reason we moved was for them to be in a better school district, we are lucky that we didn’t have to move far. She loves that she can wear whatever she wants every day, we haven’t had a single argument about her outfits and she’s dressed on time each morning. Granted I am letting her wear whatever she wants, but most days she asks my opinion before she leaves. 
I love that her teacher emailed me on the 5th day of school to update me on her progress with math, let me know exactly what to tell her tutors to focus on, and I didn’t have to even request it. We have a really great routine going right now – she rides the bus to and from school – we spend evenings either at soccer or math tutoring and CF kids. 
I had a discussion with her doctor about her terrible sleeping habits and she told me to do a white noise machine {not like nature noises or waterfalls, but straight white noise} and if I felt like she needed it, melatonin. I was trying to steer clear of that because I heard it could be addictive, but she assured me it wasn’t. I now give it to her nightly and her energy level is way up – she’s waking up easily, not passing out after school and staying focused for math and soccer. Before she would wake up nightly and was exhausted after school. 
Now I’m off to pick up the bald one who now has hair and refuses to cut it. I plan to bribe him with ice cream and the park to not be mad that we dropped him at school. 

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How to Keep your hair UNICORN bright.

SO many people told me not to do bright colors on my hair because they fade out really quickly, but that hasn’t been my experience at all so I’m going to share what I do to keep it bright. You know, for future reference, Fall may not be the best time to go pink or purple, but come Spring it’s ON!
YES. You have to lighten your hair, can you put colors over dark, sure, but it won’t last. When I went pink we did heavy highlights first and used Joico color over top. 
I only wash my hair every three days – usually straight day 1 – curled day 2 – and a bun or braid on day 3.
That for sure keeps your color fresh longer, but using a color depositing shampoo/conditioner helps tremendously!  Lightening your hair dries it out, so I used It’s a 10 Haircare Miracle Shampoo 2x a week and the Viral Color Wash 1x a week. I also used Matrix Biolage Hydrasource Conditioner each time I washed.

When I went back to change from pink to purple we had to use a color stripper that turned my hair white, then added Joico {darker} purple at the roots and a {lighter} purple on the ends.

Leggings are bombs! From Zyia

I’ve also started using a The Beachwaver on it instead of my curling wand, the clamp style really just saves my arms from having to hold my hair around the wand – plus no burning myself. I think it’s better than a curling iron because my hair {that is naturally stick straight} holds curl longer with a wand/beachwaver.

I pretty much have children all over Dallas thinking I’m a unicorn because of my hair. I’ve had such a positive reaction to my hair that it’s been a great experience for me, it’s not something I plan to keep up, but I’m enjoying it while it lasts 🙂 Do things in life because YOU want to, whatever makes YOU happy.

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Recipes, Macros, Weekend Wear.

Friday to Sunday you can pretty much find me in joggers or leggings, we just got them in at OMB and I’ve been wearing on repeat. Real pants are overrated, especially on the weekend. I realized I don’t even have a pair of heels in my closet, I DID finally try a pair of wool sneakers from All Birds. BOMBBBBBB! They run a tad small, but were honestly so comfortable and my feet didn’t sweat at all in them despite it being 90 degrees! 

Top found here.
I got the olive green, perfect for Fall! I would size up a half size though if you’re in-between. 
The real reason I’m here is to share my latest and greatest food prepping meals {so when I get 75 DM’s asking I can say check the blog!!}
You NEED this – it’s $20 bucks and easy to use – Pro Vegetable Chopper by Müeller
I {or Madison!} chop up any veggie I might need to cook a meal with, making it super fast and easy to cook dinner. 
Like this zucchini lasagna – I’ve been making this for a few weeks and it’s kid approved. I use fat free cheese and turkey, but you could use any meat and cheese you like. It also reheats REALLY well for lunches!
This week I did spiral my sweet potato for a bake, the noodle cook faster in the oven. 

This is saved on my Paprika app, it saves your recipes from online to an easy to read format. No more scrolling a blog post to find the ingredients and directions!!!! Seriously you need it. I say that a lot, but whatever makes life easier – right>! I only wish it had a share feature so I could let you all see my recipes! 
I used sausage on here and fat free cheese, we are having this again tonight and just looking at this picture is making me hungry. 
I am still counting macros, but not trying to lose weight – trying to gain muscle, still. It’s hard. My body likes to gain fat, not muscle. It’s annoying. I wanted to quit, a few times. I’m sticking to it though. I went up a little too fast on my reverse, so I backed off a little bit to let myself even out. I haven’t weighed in a while, cause that’s overrated too. Anyways – I hit a pr on my back squat today which is not bad considering I’m still working my left leg back to 100%. I REALLY wanted to get 200, but 195 is a solid effort and there is always next time. 

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Getting Deeper

(Cat, I’m just waiting for your dirty joke with this title, I’m aware…) As I stepped onto the mat today, I stepped on with my ego in the way. It suffered a bruising recently, and my guard immediately went up. I’m pretty sure I was shooting “don’t touch me” vibes towards the lovely instructor. I […]
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How I’m Getting Through a Tough Holiday Season

I had no idea how good I had it. My first 31 holiday seasons were blissfully simple. Sure, there was some drama here and there, because what’s a family without drama? But there was an abundance of everything: love, food, gifts. My parents were together, and we spent every holiday with extended family, too. All […]
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