Car Cell Phone Stands

Do you have an interest in placing a cell phone stand in your car? That wouldn’t be such a bad idea, as a matter of fact, it’s a great idea. This is why we have researched and now made this review on car cell phone stands. You might want to read through.

What Are Phone Stands?

Phone stands are small objects that are used to prop up your mobile device. They are designed to sit on a hard surface, like a table or desk, or even in a car, so you can watch funny videos, scroll through pics, and ultimately, keep your phone clean and safe.

Using a cell phone while driving is against the law but sometimes situations compel people to break the law and attend the calls. Attending or making calls doesn’t mean that now you are free to do rash driving but it is hard to completely focus on the road while holding your phone in a hand. This is the place where a phone stand comes as a great rescue.

Benefits Of Using A Phone stand For Your Car

         GPS For Navigation:

The importance of GPS for navigation is not hidden from anyone. One can easily reach his or her destination by following the GPS but it can be too much problem to keep picking up the phone for knowing the routes or directions while driving.

However, a phone stand can make the job much easier. You just need to switch on the GPS, set the coordinates, place the phone in the stand and you are good to go. By doing so, one can easily follow the directions in a hassle-free manner.

             Charging the phone

Despite the powerful capabilities of modern phones, they usually share one disadvantage. With intensive use of GPS or Bluetooth, the phone battery dies in the blink of an eye.

The topic of easy charging is another criterion that should be seriously considered when choosing a car phone stand. Stands that cover the charger plug on the phone can be rejected immediately. In turn, those without permanent cable attachment can be equally troublesome – every time the charger cable needs to be fastened, it is time-consuming and, in the long run, annoying.

We sit behind the steering wheel several times during the day. Each time you get in, you’ll have to put the phone in the stand, look for the cable on the floor of the car, and then plug it into the phone. Therefore, a good alternative is the solutions with the charging cable already connected to the stand.

         Distractions Free Driving:

Not all but at least 90% of road accidents occur due to distraction and more often than not, the cause behind a distraction is a cell phone. It calls for immense concentration while driving on the road since a small mistake can be a serious threat to life.

No to mention when you are holding your cell phone, you can put the needed concentration on driving which further may result in deadly accidents. However, using a phone stand can significantly solve this problem. Just place your phone on the car stand and feel free to enjoy distraction-free driving. You no longer need to hold the phone in one hand while the other one is busy maneuvering the steering wheel.

         Stability of holding the phone

The stability of the phone in the stand is a decisive factor for many users. In practice, it is enough to hit a more bumpy stretch of road to determine whether the long and flexible arm of some handles will firmly hold the heavier, plus-category smartphone. It can be generalized that the more universal the phone stand – the weaker it holds the phone.

         Hands-Free Music:

If you love listening to music while driving, investing in a cell phone stand is one of the best decisions of your life. You just need to stand the phone, pair it up with the Bluetooth of the vehicle and you can instantly play or switch music from the push of a button on the steering wheel.

How to choose the perfect car cell phone stand?

Before you select a car cell phone stand, ask yourself the following questions, they’ll help narrow your search.

         Why do I need a smartphone stand in my car?

First of all – do you need it at all? If you spend more than half an hour a day in the car, then definitely yes. Placing your phone in the stand is much safer than holding it in your hand while driving, or peeking at the phone lying on the shelf near the gear lever or the passenger seat.

Even if you are not speeding, the car goes dozens of meters in those few seconds when you take your eyes off the road. Hence the dangerous temptation of looking at the screen while driving disqualifies such a solution. And since most smartphones cost a lot of money, you do not really want your phone to slide onto the floor whenever you slam on the brakes, do you?

Regardless of what you choose, after a few days, placing the phone in the stand will become a habit. Obviously, unless you try to save and buy a car phone stand that becomes a piece of trash after those few days.

         The method and place of attaching the stand in the car

It is one of the most important criteria for choosing a car phone stand – both from the point of view of safety and functionality.

The place you attach the stand in the car is crucial for safety. You do not want the phone to block the view, and neither you want to move your eyes away from the road. It is decisive also for the functionality, both when you attach the phone to the stand and later – when you use the phone’s functions while driving. The method and place of attaching the stand also affect the stability of the screen, especially on uneven roads.

Indeed there are many solutions, however the practical considerations dictate the trend:

a)       the stand should be attached in a central place in the car,

b)      it should be within the driver’s reach,

c)       it should be easy to attach in many places in the car, but match the model of the phone you use.

  • Car Stands on the windshield

The stands on the windshield of the car, in addition to the obvious advantage of possible attachment in every car model, have three major drawbacks. First of all, they more or less limit the driver’s view. This is so serious that some countries and states have prohibited the use of this type of stand.

In addition, in many cars, the windshield is located rather far from the driver’s reach, which means the driver needs to lean forward and reach above the dashboard every time he or she places the phone in the stand. Try this when sitting in a deep and comfortable seat. Nightmare.

What’s more – the suction cups peel off super easy, and the rubber they are made of crumbles overtime under the influence of sunlight.

         Air vent standing

The phone stands mounted to the air vents in the car usually, give the most opportunities for optimal and the most functional placement from the driver’s perspective, while not limiting the view. This is because car designers must provide access to the vents for adjusting them easily.

The disadvantage may be the different sizes and arrangements of the vent slats in different car models.

What’s more – cheaper models of this type of stand require the use of both hands each time the phone is placed on the stand. They also have an awful tendency to break the vent slats. However, this is not really a problem with thought-out, more expensive models of premium class stands.

The small size of this type of handles and the simplicity of their installation in the car is beneficial for users who frequently change cars, for example using the entire fleet of vehicles in the company. Typically, moving the stand from one car to another is as easy as moving the phone itself.

         Stands on the dashboard

This method has similar advantages and disadvantages as the one when the stand is stuck to the windshield – with the exception of one thing – it can damage the dashboard. Since there is no single standard for material used to cover the dashboard and because the board-stands attached to it are often – apart from the suction cup – equipped with an additional adhesive material it can easily stain the top of the dash.

Especially when the car is going to stand a few days in the sun, and the glue, which in theory should not leave any marks, could vulcanize with the board. In addition – the adhesive part can be used once – after removal, it does not work so well reused in a new place.

         One-hand operation

Anyone who had a chance to try several models of phone stands know that those which require the use of both hands are the least convenient – usually after a few times of leaning uncomfortably, especially when you wear warm winter clothing, you will find that it will be easier to hold the phone in a jacket’s pocket and to use the phone stand only on longer routes. Pointless.

It is worth testing it yourself – many manufacturers declare that their products have innovative systems that allow the standing and removal of the phone with only one hand, but usually these declarations do not pass practical tests.

Many patents based on springs or clamps, which the manufacturers believe would hold all types of phones, in practice do not hold any. Even if the standing is really quite stable, placing the phone in the stand requires circus dexterity.


The car cell phone stands are one of those gadgets on which you can save only seemingly – safety, functionality, presentation is as important as choosing the smartphone itself.


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