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HONMA is a premium golf club manufacturer and lifestyle brand based in Sakata, Japan.

The company was founded back in 1959 by the Honma brothers in Yokohama, Japan. In 1981, the company moved to Sakata, in Yamagata prefecture. The Sakata site is where manufacturing continues today for Honma products. Honma manufactures and creates almost all of their products in-house to offer the best quality clubs they can produce.

All of their graphite shafts are hand-rolled in Sakata. The Sakata site is also home to the Takumi, master craftsmen who have worked building clubs at Honma for over 30 years. If you do buy any Beres club, only the Takumi will touch your club.

Crafted by the company’s most experienced Takumi, Honma’s new Beres clubs are the pinnacle of their lineup. As before, they’re available in 2-5 star variants, stepping up in cosmetic detail, shaft performance, and precious metals, topping out in the 24K gold and platinum 5-star.

Both the metal woods and irons have active speed slots to increase distance and forgiveness and are paired with shafts made on-site in Sakata, Japan, developed alongside the clubs to maximize performance. All four lines come in both men’s and women’s versions and are available now.

what exactly is the difference between drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, utilities, irons, and wedges, for men and women, according to their number of stars? This depends on the technology and materials of the ARMRQ shaft.

Difference Between The Stars Of Honma Golf Clubs

  • HONMA Golf – BERES 2-Stars

The 2-Stars represent the entry category, which is the standard of the Japanese brand. But in no way does this mean the 2-Star clubs are inferior. Quite the contrary, since the 2-Star BERES are basically extraordinary compared to the rest of the market.

The main reason is that HONMA’s own shafts are especially light and soft, while also showing good torque values. This is a particularly difficult combination to produce, but it is precisely what makes HONMA clubs so famous. This category is the starting point in the price range: a 2-Star iron set costs around 2,500 Euro, and a driver just under 1,000 Euro.

  • HONMA Golf – BERES 3-Stars

Despite the fact that the 2-Star golf clubs are the cheapest in the range, most players choose the 3-Star clubs. This category has the advantage of being available in Europe, and with many more options, and that means that the waiting time to have the clubs personalized is much shorter, even for the less frequent configurations.

The HONMA 3-Stars are better in terms of shaft quality, as the M40X material of Torayca is incorporated. On the other hand, the 3-Star golf clubs are customizable at the loft, lie and length levels and the colors of the clubheads and shafts can also be modified.

  • HONMA Golf – BERES 4-Stars

When you go to a golf shop (an authorized dealer of the brand) you will hardly find any 4 and 5-Star golf clubs, since they are practically all custom designs.

This means that you will first be invited to go through the exclusive HONMA fitting experience, and then every component of the clubs you have ordered will be manufactured to your personal specifications from scratch by hand by Honma’s Takumi (master craftsmen) in Sakata, Japan. It is best to play with custom clubs, and these will be exceptional. But be patient, don’t forget that the delivery time can be up to two or three months.

The 4-Star ARMRQ shafts feature a higher quality carbon fiber and superior strength, contributing to minimize dispersion and achieve more homogeneous shots. Regarding the finish of the clubheads, gold is used in some of the finishes and in the ferrules that cover the union between the head and the shaft.

If a single golf club is already outstanding on its own, the entire set inside a HONMA Golf bag will shine brighter still, even from a distance. The most illustrious is, undoubtedly, the 4-Star driver, but we have to tell you that you can’t top the 5-Star version!

It should be noted that in the 4-Star range most of the customizations are included in the price, such as personalizing the color of the driver’s head, the color of the shaft, or printing your initials or a small logo.

  • HONMA Golf – BERES 5-Stars

This is a jewel that borders perfection. Without a doubt, the 5-Star BERES golf clubs are the most difficult to admire. Even HONMA stores sell very few of the most premium sets, woods, or irons. They are absolutely unique to you.

Every component of each golf club is individually built by hand in Japan by the brand’s experienced craftsmen (known as Takumi), and the delivery time is, of course, equally long. The high price of the 5-Star BERES corresponds to the most luxurious finishes in the range, with all the possible details plated with gold and platinum inserts. The quality of the carbon fiber used in the shafts is also superior, offering the minimum dispersion.

Each BERES is handcrafted to provide the best performance and the confidence golfers seek. The difference between stars is not, therefore, a matter of being better or worse golf clubs, since they are built to work in a sublime way in your hands, whatever their number of stars.

The difference is established by the performance of the materials, handled by a hundred artisans working in their production with the best components, and in the richness of the finishes, distilling the exclusivity with which you want to play – and show your class – on the golf course.

Going further into the matter, the difference between the stars is established by the innovation of ARMRQ shafts, rolled and hand-painted by a meticulous crafting process that uses the best raw material in the industry.

They are also perfectly tuned to their respective clubheads, which is not as obvious as you might think at first glance.

The goal is to offer BERES golfers a high precision shaft, with the appropriate softness and lightness at a slow swing speed, while maintaining a low torque on this type of shaft, which is difficult to achieve. This is because if we want to hit a ball straight and with consistency we need a low torque.

With long experience of more than 60 years of craftsmanship and tradition, HONMA masters this difficult process like no other brand. The use of the finest materials and the complexity of production lead to very high costs.

With such a demand for perfection during manufacturing, rejects can occur because, for example, a shaft doesn’t meet the brand’s high-quality standards. The higher the number of stars, the higher these requirements for consistency and quality will be, and consequently, there will be more discards in the course of creating perfect golf clubs for the player.


With every manufacturer, you should ask yourself what makes them special and unique. For most big manufacturers this is just marketing – just because they have the big names of the tour under the contract does not make the clubs better at the same time. At Honma, these are quite clearly the in-house shafts like Vizard or ArmRQ.

These are pulled by hand and have extremely low fluctuations in regards to shaft quality. These are sometimes very high with many other shafts. This means that no shaft is like the other. For example, we at ExactGolf only use shafts from manufacturers such as Nippon or Shimada which are also very good in this respect. This does not mean that the shafts from Honma are always better. However, they are the best in a certain range.

And these are the light and soft graphite shafts which nevertheless have little torque. This means that although the shaft can be very light and soft, the twisting during the stroke does not go in an undesirable direction. The higher the number of stars, the better these values are. The 2-star shafts are already very, very good, but 3, 4 and 5 stars are even better. These also have a higher price tag as mentioned at the beginning.

So if you are looking for a manufacturer that is the best in this area, then the answer is without doubt Honma. These shafts are interesting for averagely good players, women, and seniors who simply need light and soft shafts for their game


HONMA‘s mission is to produce the most refined golf clubs in the world. That is its art, and hence its the continuous pursuit of perfection. Only the potential BERES player, or the one who has played the previous models, will be able to make the final well-informed decision, they are designed for those golfers looking for premium performance with renowned craftsmanship. Be assured that your golf clubs will be quite exceptional. Also, Honma clubs are at a much more affordable price than they used to be.

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