I would like to start this partnership review by introducing myself.  My name is Kemi Yusuf, I am married with three lovely kids, Iam a lawyer by profession and I am very much interested in fashion and weight loss. I call myself a fashion and weight loss enthusiast.

I have always been interested and desired to earn money online, I just did not know how to go about it. I bought a book about earning online about 3 years ago but I could not make any headway with it. I have registered for several courses but all to no  avail until I stumbled on an advert by Joint Marketer on facebook. I bought the book being advertised because it was affordable and  I was impressed with all I read in the book.The book was intriguing and easy to understand, I finished reading it in record time. I also jumped at the offer of a partnership because I easily understood the content of the book unlike others I bought. I was thus convinced that the author of the book could impart knowledge about earning online to me.

My experience with this partnership so far has been interesting as well as challenging. I have been exposed to things that I did not know existed from semrush, similar web, analytics to registering for domain names, installing wordpress and so on. I always thought that things like this can only be done by Information technology experts. i had no idea they were things I could do with the right guidance. I am happy I came across the advert and even happier that I decided to participate in it. However my major challenge is time, I wish I had more time to implement all the lessons on a daily basis, this has made me lag behind in the lessons. The lessons being taught increases my connfidence that all that was promised in the partnership will be attained. I have been brought out of my comfort zone and it has surpassed my expectations especially with the way the lessons are being taught which is well detailed and analyzed.

The Partnership is really a nobel initiative because it is empowering lives and seeking to improve the quality of lives of others. Mr Godwin must be commended for sharing this program.

I am of the opinion that the daily lessons for the partnership should be spaced in other for people like me to catch up and not lag behind so much. Few of the videos were also not fully completed, the lecture will still be on and the video will come to an end for example I could not get how to pixel my site because the video came to an end. i only noticed this with just about two or three videos.

I recommend this partnership to anyone who needs another income or who needs and wants an income. You will be taught step by step and can always refer back to the videos at anytime you need to. There is no hoarding of information. This partnership wants you to succeed. Finally you will get value which is most important.