Benefits Of Owning A Smart TV

We’ll be considering the benefits of owning a smart TV in this guide. Do you want to know the benefits of having a smart TV? Then you should read through this review. Smart TVs have so many benefits, after reading through this guide, you’ll want to own a smart TV for yourself.

Smart TV has brought a revolution to what we have looked towards Televisions so far. They are quite in demand and have heavily affected the traditional TV market.

What is Smart TV

A Smart TV is a television set that has connects to the internet and allows the users to use services like video streaming, web browsing/surfing, or even gaming.

Smart TV allows access to traditional electronic media (regular television channels) along with online interactive media and ‘Over The Top’ (OTT) content. It also allows home networking solutions such that all devices and be interconnected and be operated with a single click.

Some of the more popular apps that you, the user can have access to, via a Smart TV, including Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon.

What Does a Smart TV Do Which a Regular TV or Phone Does Not

Let’s Understand this with some practical examples. There are times when we want the Television to air what we want to watch. Since the program queue is not decided by us, we can feel somewhat disappointed, not wanting to watch what is being aired.

One can argue that in the present day, with wish wide usage of the dish antenna, you can order and schedule the movies you want to watch. Or better, you can catch the same online and anytime, at your convenience.

Let’s consider the 1st option – You have a DTH connection and you ordered a movie to be aired at a time suitable to you. You made the payment. On the ‘D’ day, some urgency came and you are required to travel out of town. You miss the show you had planned and paid for. Many will agree that this does indeed happens. Many other situations can arise that can lead to your best-laid plans go awry.

To avail 2nd option i.e. accessing your movie through phone, you need to look at the very small screen of your mobile or a somewhat larger screen of your laptop (though, not as large as your TV screen).

Research has indicated that spending long hours at a stretch in front of such screens affect eyesight and body posture negatively. Furthermore, such viewing time has less probability of being enjoyed with others.

This is where the importance and necessity of Smart TV comes. Now, imagine a situation where you have a Television that is connected to the internet and allows you access to programs of your choice, at a time when you want to. That is the basic SMART TV or Connected TV or Hybrid TV.

Types of Smart TV

Smart TVs can be categorized by:

  • Resolution
  • Display Technology
  • Software Platform


On the basis of Resolution, a Smart TV may be categorized into 4K Ultra HD, Full HD, and HD.

The 4K Ultra HD technology has 2160 px resolution which is 4 times better resolution than that of the Full HD TVs. Therefore, the 4K Ultra HD offers more clarity with detailed images.

This level of resolution provides the liberty to sit close to the TV and enjoy the fully immersive experience, as opposed to regular televisions. This technology can upscale the existing HD content thereby making the images sharper.

Full HD is 1080 px resolution. This resolution is high enough to allow an excellent viewing experience. It is possible to watch Blu-Ray movies on Full HD televisions, without any deterioration of picture quality.

Display Technology

On the basis of Display Technology, Smart TVs may be categorized into LCD, LED, and OLED Smart TVs.

In either case, the screen of the Smart TV is LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). LED or Light Emitting Diodes, on the other hand, is the light source and is considered a great choice for all kinds of lighting conditions.

OLED stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diodes and it offers an extremely high degree of color accuracy. OLED technology allows a wider viewing angle and blur-free pictures as each of the millions of pixels is individually illuminated. This technology can be used to design extremely thin TV screens.

Software Platforms of Smart TV

Software Platforms are also considered a key factor for categorizing Smart TVs. While there are certain aspects that are common, each manufacturer prefers to use their own software platform. The most common platforms are:

  • LG Web OS: This OS is well known for its speed. This software platform is compatible with Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Instant Video, and other similar content hubs. It is not easy to customize but it quite popular.
  • Samsung Tizen: This OS is quite like the Web OS in appearance but can be customized more easily. Navigation through Tizen is also easier. The roots of the OS lie in smartphones, the Tizen OS is compatible with a wider variety of content hubs including i-Player and ITV Player.
  • Firefox OS: Firefox OS is available only on Panasonic TVs. Firefox OS, better known for colorful pop-up icons, is one of the easiest OS to customize. It is compatible with a large variety of apps like Netflix and YouTube among others.
  • Android OS: A large proportion of people in the world are comfortable with Android because of the use of this technology in smartphones. This OS is very easy to customize and navigate and is compatible with apps like Netflix and YouTube. Android OS is also most suited for gaming. One of the most well-known brands, Sony, uses this OS on its TVs.

Here are some benefits of a smart TV and the journey of an idiot box to a smart TV:

  • A Better Experience

No doubt, that smart TV gives you a better experience than any other form of television. A more convenient and wide range of options to pick the best from. A more systematic and arranged settings to administer all that you won’t add to the worth of a smart TV.

  • Ease of use

Smart TVs are as easy to set up as they are to use. When it comes to set up, all you need to do is plug it into the wall and connect it to your home Internet network. Once you get it all set up, it’s as easy to use as a standard TV or streaming device.

  • Reliability

Though streaming devices can help turn a non-smart TV into a smart TV, they’re generally far less reliable than a quality smart TV. This is especially true if you’re connecting to the Internet wirelessly, as dropped Wi-Fi signals and buffering can put a damper on the experience. Put, smart TVs are better overall products that can hold Wi-Fi signals, thereby offering a more reliable entertainment experience.

  • One-Click From Your Sofa

It is really a wonder to think that you surf your web connection from your sofa. Apart from the amazing experience of entertainment, this enhances better learning for all.

Browsing on the internet and other activities there on a big screen is a different and better experience and gives a lot of pleasure and comfort.

  • Get Closer to Your Family

With such a great TV experience, it brings the entire family around the sofa in the living room giving a great family time together. Also, the great video-on-demand service connects distant members of the family.

Gone are the days when the family required DVD or media players to arrange a get-together.

  • Increases More Social Connectivity

It’s really convenient that once you are done with your program that is streamed by the provider, just tune in to your real-life drama from the reel life drama, that is to say, access the social network through smart TV apps like Facebook, Instagram, and, Twitter.

Your screen turns into your social media handle and your remote a medium through which you upload, share and catch up to more of the latest news with the greatest comfort of your sofa and the privacy of a living room.

  • A Better Remote

Gone are the days when only one device controlled the entire streaming of programs on the television. Who needs a remote when the tablet or smartphone is in your hand An app that connects your smartphone or tablet to the platform.

So, it is like a small touchscreen of the phone turns into a display of the bigger screen and gives you the control of the various applications of the television.

  • Increase Your Range and Options

What can be a better option than getting convenient access to the various type of online channels and stuff online?

Be it Netflix or any of your favorite stuff. Running an IQ test or playing angry birds or candy crush would be great fun.

  • Smartphone compatibility

Smart TV’s come with remote controls but aren’t tied to them for functionality as many Smart TVs are able to speak to a range of smartphones. Merely downloading an app can put the smart TV’s control in the palm of your hand via your mobile phone. So forget about searching for the remote, the TV is easier than ever to control from your phone.

  • Decluttering

So you have a pay-TV box. Maybe a streaming device. A Blu-ray player. A DVD player. And that’s not even counting the HDMI cords that are plugging into your TV and the various remotes you have to manage.

A smart TV doesn’t just enable a better entertainment experience, but it also allows you to declutter your entertainment center. With a smart TV, you can ditch the streaming device, watch movies by purchasing them from apps, and possibly even cut your pay TV bill if you’re able to stream your favorite content.

  • More than just programming

We’ve already covered how smart TVs are ideal for a great entertainment experience. But they can also serve as a web browser as well. So if you’re searching the Internet with a friend or your spouse and don’t feel like crowding around a computer, you’re able to do it from your TV set.

You can also update your social media and carry out other tasks you would have traditionally required a computer your mobile device for access to these services.

  • Affordability

Finally, smart TVs are affordable – and getting more accessible by the day. Their price points today are very comparable with standard high-definition televisions. Noting this, and the previous benefits we’ve covered, it just makes sense to add a smart TV to your home.

  • USB Connectivity

Smart TVs are typically equipped with a generous number of USB connectivity ports. This allows everyone in the family to connect their device to the television, which promotes family time together.

USB connectivity also means you can connect peripherals such as your digital camera, and upload photos and videos for sharing on social networking sites. As you can see, Smart TV is capable of enhancing your lifestyle in many ways as a result of a multitude of capabilities.


A smart TV is just one way to add internet streaming and related features to your TV viewing experience. Smart TVs have a lot of benefits as you might have read above. You should consider getting one for your home, you’ll enjoy entertainment in its best form.

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