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Best cell Phones 2021

The best cell phones you can buy  are the ones brings great combination of hardware quality, specs, display, cameras, and software to a palatable price for a high-end phone. Competition makes for better products, and the cell phone ecosystem is more competitive than ever. If you want a new one of the best cell phones at any price range, i have done the research to separate the great from the good, and the good from the bad. This list will help you make your next purchase easier on the best cell phones.

Buyers Guide:

  • Design: If you want something you can use one-handed, then pick it up and try it out. A lot of phones these days have glass on the front and back, and that makes them fragile and prone to smudges. Check that the fingerprint sensor position suits you as well — on many phones, the sensor is now on the back rather than the front. The right design for you should look and feel good.


  • Screen: You’re going to spend many hours gazing at the screen, so make sure it’s a good size for you and that it has a high resolution. We recommend a minimum of full HD, which is 1920 x 1080 pixels, or perhaps 2160 x 1080 pixels if the phone has a modern 18:9 aspect ratio. Anything that’s 1080p or higher will be sharp enough. In terms of the underlying technology, OLED screens have better contrast, with deeper blacks than LCD screens, and we prefer them overall. Both Samsung’s Galaxy range and Apple’s iPhone X feature AMOLED screens, but you won’t find them at the budget end of the market.


  • Performance: This will be determined by two main things: The processor and the RAM. The processor is the more important consideration, and newer is generally better in terms of both speed and power efficiency. Apple’s A-series chipset tends to outperform the competition. For an Android phone, Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 is currently the cream of the crop. It’s debatable how much RAM you need in a smart phone, but we recommend looking for at least 4GB, at least for Android models. This doesn’t apply to iPhones, however, because they deal with memory management differently and don’t require as much RAM. If in doubt, read reviews or play with your prospective smartphone in a store to test it.


  • Operating system: If you buy a new iPhone, then you’ll get the latest version of iOS, but this isn’t always the case with Android phones. Because the manufacturers often apply their own user interfaces on top of Android, it can take a while to get the latest updates. You may not get future versions of Android upon their releases, or even at all if the manufacturer decides not to update. Only stock Android phones from Google, such as the Pixel 4, are guaranteed to get immediate and consistent Android updates. The current version to look for is  Android 10 Always try to get the latest version you can.


  • Camera: Smartphone cameras have greatly improved over the last few years. The choice can be bewildering, but note that good camera performance is about a lot more than just a high megapixel count. If you’re able to test the phone out for yourself, you certainly should, but you’ll also find useful information in reviews. We do numerous camera shootouts here at Digital Trends.


  • Bloatware: Be aware of bloatware or hobbled features, especially with Android. Sometimes carriers block specific features or change defaults. Carriers and manufacturers often add a lot of superfluous apps, and you may not be able to uninstall them.


  • Battery life: Removable batteries are rare these days, so you want a phone that can keep up with you. Check the consensus on battery life in reviews. The mAh rating will give you some indication, but the capacity is also impacted by the screen size, resolution, and software, so you need to look beyond the number.


  • Storage: The latest smartphones generally come with enough storage built-in. When 16GB phones were common, which already had used up 10GB out of the box, you could run out of space alarmingly fast. We recommend a minimum of 32GB, but 64GB is better. Much depends on how you use your phone. You’ll obviously need more space if you like to load your MP3 collection. Having a microSD card slot allows you to expand your storage space relatively cheaply. However, Apple never includes microSD card slots, so this is something you’ll find only in some Android devices.


  • Durability: We briefly mentioned the drawbacks of glass phones, but if you buy a glass phone and you’re prone to dropping it, make sure to buy a protective case. You should also get a phone with some water-resistance. The top flagships tend to have IP67 or IP68 ratings nowadays, which means they can be submerged in water without damage. Even budget phones often come with some water-resistance, but it’s worth checking.

Best Cell Phones.

  Name  Features   Where to Buy

Huawei Mate Xs 5G EU/UK Model

 It has a powerful zoom.   Get it on Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 SM-F916B EU/UK Model


 It is well customised.   Get it on Amazon

ASUS ROG Gaming Phone 2 Ultimate Edition

 It is an awesome gaming phone.   Get it on Amazon

iPhone Xs

It’s screen resolution is bright and sharp   Get it on Amazon

Huawei P30 Pro Dual-SIM

It has dual sim feature.   Get it on Amazon

BlackBerry KEY2 Black BBF100-6 Unlocked Android Smartphone

Durable aluminum alloy frame and non-slip textured back.   Get it on Amazon


  Get it on Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (AT&T) Factory Unlock

 It comes with a Mightier S Pen.   Get it on Amazon

Huawei Mate Xs 5G EU/UK Model

The Huawei Mate Xs 5G offers a unique experience on a smartphone with its 8” Fullview OLED display.
Incorporating ground-breaking technology, which makes it easy to fold the display into a convenient size for carrying. It is a smartphone you can use to get serious work done with all the performance and capabilities you need including a 40MP Supersensing Leica Quad Camera System for photography needs. An innovative Falcon Wing hinge gives you a remarkable visual sensation allowing you to see more on your screen. Without compromising on portability, as when folded it is a sleek smartphone that easily fits in your pocket or palm. For a truly flexible experience when using your smartphone. With its stunning foldable Fullview display which seamlessly transitions between 8-inch and 6.6-inch modes.

It is possible to have immersive details with vivid colours everywhere you look. Unfolding the phone and using the 8-inch display reduces the need to scroll through documents and websites. Along with offering the ability to view breath-taking scenery, stunning wide-angle images and makes multi-tasking between apps quick and convenient. To take full advantage of the 8-inch display available on the Mate Xs, Huawei has introduced the intelligent multi-window function. This divides the screen into two independent task interfaces. Allowing for the ability to easily use multiple apps at once, taking notes while also checking your most recent messages. It is even possible to open one app in 2 split windows making it for enhanced interactions when you are using email apps, or are editing and managing your photos.

The Huawei App multiplier has an ingenious design dock for convenient access to your favourite apps on a floating window. A 40MP Supersensing Leica quad-camera system is the perfect way to capture stunning photos with extraordinary detail. It is comprised of a 40MP wide-angle, 16MP ultra-wide angle, 8MP telephoto & TOF. Allowing for photos with stunning landscapes, group shots and creative editing. Mirror Shooting takes advantage of the dual-screens, so the photographer and the subject to both see the image in real-time. Offering the ability to collaborate in the way images are taken.

Light is efficiently absorbed by the 40MP Supersensing camera lens, making it possible to take photos with detail both day and night. With its powerful HUAWEI Kirin 990 5G mobile platform and 8GB RAM, the Mate Xs has all the performance you need for enjoying the latest games and getting serious work done. There is 512GB of internal storage available, with the ability to supplement this a 256GB NM SD card. To ensure everything stays cool Huawei has incorporated an innovative cooling system. This uses flexible bionic graphite, which rises to the dual challenges of offering foldability with balanced dissipation. The long-lasting 4,500 mAh battery will keep you working through an entire day of work. When charging is necessary, the Huawei SuperCharge will get you up to 85% charge in just 30 minutes. Huawei has designed the 5G in the Mate Xs, so it can be used now and in the future by supporting both NSA and SA 5G architectures. This ensures you can keep in synch with the 5G evolution and the Dual-SIM design means this phone can be used worldwide.

 Pros   Cons
 It has a long battery life span   It is expensive.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 SM-F916B EU/UK Model


The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G Mobile phone features a 7.6 inches display with a screen resolution of 1768 x 2208 pixels and runs on Android 10.0 operating system. The Mobile Phone is powered by Octa-core processor and Qualcomm chipset. It has 256GB Built-in storage and 12GB RAM. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G runs Android 10.0 and is powered by a 4500 mAh Non-Removable Li-Po batter.

 Pros  Cons
 Strong performance  It is expensive

ASUS ROG Gaming Phone 2 Ultimate Edition

This new presentation will give you improved specs and a massive amount of storage space. The first upgrade found in this Ultimate Edition is its mate black paint that will make its logo stand out even more. It also includes 1TB of storage space, 12GB RAM, a 6,000mAh battery, a dual rear camera with a Sony IMX586 48MP + 13MP wide-angle sensors, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, two USB-C ports, Android 9 Pie and a headphone jack. The ASUS ROG 2 phone Ultimate Edition is a real beast.  The Asus ROG Phone 2, the Ultimate Edition also sports a 6.59-inch AMOLED display with full-HD+ resolution and HDR10 support. It also has a fast 120Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, 240Hz touch sampling rate. There is an in-display fingerprint scanner to unlock the device and the smartphone also gets front-firing stereo speakers.

The Asus ROG Phone 2 packs in a 6,000mAh battery and has Quick Charge 4.0 fast charging support. It has PPG Optical Sensors at the back and Medical-grade ECG sensors on the side of the case. Thanks to these sensors, the user will be able to track blood pressure, heart rate, and stress level. While the exact size of the display isn’t clear yet, Asus uses a TFT Full-colour display with Gorilla Glass on top. It also has an anti-fingerprint coating which should help keep smudges off. It has a ceramic bezel as well.  The Asus Vivowatch SP has a built-in GPS and altimeter which will be able to track treks as well as altitude. Asus has also added a Pulse O2 monitor which will be able to track oxygen saturation.

 Pros  Cons
 It has good screen resolutions  It would only interest gamers more.

iPhone Xs

A faster storage controller enables up to 512GB of storage, with iPhone XS  model is available in 64, 256, or 512GB capacities. A next-generation 8-core Neural Engine completes up to 5 trillion operations per second for major improvements to all apps and features that use AR and machine learning.

iPhone XS features a 12-megapixel dual camera system introduced in the iPhone X, but with major upgrades. A bigger wide-angle sensor allows for sharper pictures in low light, while Smart HDR allows for photos with more detail.

A telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom continues to allow for Portrait Mode photos, which feature better bokeh, aka background blurring, and there’s a Depth Control option that allows for adjustable depth of field. Larger pixels, extended dynamic range, and a 32% larger sensor also improve stabilization and low-light performance when capturing videos, and the True Tone flash has been improved.

 Solid design but better protected  It is expensive
 It has a better performance boost.

Huawei P30 Pro Dual-SIM

This phone holds the best of smartphone camera technology ever seen or imagined in the world. It is more than just binoculars, it is everything the camera world imagined and more. The phone is designed to rewrite the rules of photography with its detailed and ultra clear camera. It has a super camera system that is fully equipped to give you the best of effects. It features the Leica rear quad camera system that accommodates your photography to help see the world in its entirety.

There is a superzoom lens, a 40MP super sensing camera with f/1.6 aperture, a 20MP ultra wide angle lens, and a Huawei TOF camera. The SuperZoom lens has up to 50x zoom capacity that allows you to take a clear detailed picture of the moon at night. With the ISO 409,600 in the camera set up, you can still see the colour details of objects and scenarios even in the dark. There is the AI HDR+ feature that evaluates each frame and segments different parts of the photo, polish their details and colours and combine them to give the best image with balanced light and colour layers. The SuperSpectrum sensor contributes 40% increased light and self-developed algorithm to the colour sensing rule to rewrite the colour code RGGB to RYYB to give more light and clearer preservation of your memories.

The TOF camera measures the depth of the objects with accuracy and fully capture the object alone and allows the AIS long exposure shot to progressively blur the background with different creamy effects to give a professional-level bokeh. The ultra-wide angle lens allows you to see wider than your eyes can see at once. The selfie camera features a 32MP lens with intelligent recognition technology and enhancement. It gives the perfect contour and details of the face at all times. Enjoy the best of your video recording with the professional AIS and OIS that allows you to take seamless and steady videos on the go. The dual-view video setting allows you to use two rear cameras to capture different perspectives of a view simultaneously with optimum beauty and details. You sure would be expecting the best of the outward package for a smartphone with so many specifications and abilities. Huawei knows not to disappoint with the magnificent elegance displayed in the body of the P30 Pro. The screen has a double 3D curved glass that protects the 6.47” OLED dewdrop display. Though big, the phone is designed to be comfortably operated with one hand with the essential rockers on the right side of the phone within reachable distance. The screen is defined as almost bezel-less with its Infinity-U display and curved edges that give more than enough viewing room. With no bezels to hold a front fingerprint sensor, it has an on-screen fingerprint sensor with super sharp unlocking technology.

There is no longer the traditional front speaker, instead, the device is equipped with an acoustic display technology that places your speaker behind the screen, giving you more speaker area and increased hearing area. The electromagnetic sound levitation projects sound from the vibrations in the display to the ears. The phone is also water and dust resistant. Using the Huawei personalized software system, Kirin, the phone is equipped with so much capacity to be able to power all of its numerous super activities and technologies. It uses the Kirin 980 on a 7nm mobile process chipset, that gives a stronger performance with lower power consumption.

The power of the device is housed in its 8GB of RAM that allows for super fast performance and 512GB of internal memory storage. The 4200mAh battery has intelligent power saving technology that allows you to enjoy long-lasting use all day long. With the 40W supercharge feature, you get to replenish your battery power in less than an hour. It also supports 15W wireless charging quick charge. Joining the trend of the latest Samsung flagship, the phone also allows for the reverse charging feature that allows you to charge other phones, and devices wirelessly.

 Pros  Cons
 It has huge memory storage capacity.  It comes already set up.

BlackBerry KEY2 Black BBF100-6 Unlocked Android Smartphone

The Black
Berry KEY2 QWERTZ Keypad is powered by 2.2GH z octa-core processor and it comes with 6GB of RAM. The phone packs 128GB of internal storage that can be expanded up to 256GB via a micro SD card. The Black Berry KEY2 is powered by a 3500mAh. This handset is very different from every other Android phone out there for the simple reason that it has a physical keyboard. This immediately makes it an odd device. If you’re used to interacting with a phone purely via the touchscreen then being forced back to a physical keyboard is almost an unnatural experience. But if you were a fan of the KeyOne, or still harbour a desire to knock out all your emails with a physical board, then this device could be for you. The body of the Key2 is less curved, instead sporting sharper lines and corners. The flat sides make it easy to hold and the reduction in weight is most welcome – it just feels far more comfortable in the hand. The Key2’s 4.5-inch 1080 x 1620 display is pretty much identical to the one in the KeyOne. It’s a nice, sharp and bright display with decent colour reproduction and excellent viewing angles. Black levels are good, too, even though this is an LCD screen rather than OLED.

 Pros  Cons
Keyboard changes make it better than the KeyOne Having the physical keyboard is restrictive in most situations
Not confined to BlackBerry’s own OS Awkward to hold


Uncover the Ultimate Screen

Enjoy a cinematic quality 6.7-inch True Billion​ Colour QHD+ OLED display to smoothly play and upgrade your viewing experience up to a 120Hz frame refresh rate, supporting HDR content. You can capture your stories with 12-bit colour depth shooting that can directly output RAW data using new generation 100% pixel focusing capabilities. Designed to push shooting performance in various scenarios, including night scene, wide-angle, telephoto and video to higher standards. Discover new ways of sharing on 5G with faster​ charging speeds fully charging a long-lasting 4260mAh battery within 38 minutes or 40% in 10 minutes, powered by Qualcomm’s 865 Snapdragon Dual Mode 5G processor for the smoothest connections.

  Pros   Cons
  Useful note-taking features Screen isn’t very colorful
 Fantastic camera

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (AT&T) Factory Unlock

Get things done with an all-day battery.1 Store more with 128GB or 512GB2 models. Stream and download faster with cutting-edge technology. Put your creativity on display with the new S Pen. And take brilliant shots with scene optimizer and flaw detection. it offers the best overall mix of features for the money. You get a gorgeous 6.7-inch display with a silky smooth 120Hz refresh rate, 5G connectivity and fast Snapdragon 865 processor, plus relatively long battery life (at least in 60Hz mode). The only features missing compared to the higher-end Galaxy note 9 Ultra are a 108MP camera and more powerful Space Zoom

  Pros  Cons
It has a beautiful bright display.   It is quite expensive
Battery life is very good.


Looking for the best deal on one of cell phones? We’ve put together this comparison chart for you to use to find the option that suits you best at prices that would give you a run for your money. This post has been thoroughly reviewed for purchase of the best cell phones that best suits your preference.