Differences Between Gaming and Regular Laptops

You are welcome to this review. In this review, we’ll be looking at the differences between gaming laptops and regular laptops. As a gaming enthusiast, you might be wondering why you actually need a gaming laptop, instead of a regular laptop. In this review, you’d find out why.

Are gaming laptops used especially for gaming? If so, does that mean we will need a normal laptop for all our data-related needs? These are some questions that every newcomer in the computing arena may have in mind.

Laptops, even though classified as per needs, have common specifications. The only difference in these specs lies in their ratings. One laptop may have a higher rating of a certain spec, while the other may have the same for a different set of specs. This Techspirited write-up highlights the basic differences between gaming and normal laptops.

Regular Laptop

Normal laptops are nothing but a smaller version of the desktop which can be easily carried around. They are mostly used for day to day use, so they do not need to come with powerful configuration. Although powerful specs are more preferable for that, you have to spend more. Some of the important features of normal laptops are as follows.

  • Portability

The first important thing that most users consider in a normal laptop is portability. As such laptops are mostly used for business purposes, hence it can be easily carried around without bearing an extra burden on your shoulders. However, to get maximum portability you have to compromises on some features like ports for secondary connection due to the slim chassis of the laptop.

  • Connectivity

When you go in for an ordinary computer, it’s miles for positive that you’ll be using it for surfing as nicely. For this, wireless connectivity is a have to. The pc must be 802.11g Wi-Fi well suited so that you can connect to the Internet at public hotspots as nicely.

However, these days, many laptops have 802.11n compatibility. This is the standard that connects to all of the versions of 802. Eleven preferred. Bluetooth connectivity is a characteristic this is to be had in most laptops.

  • Optical Drive

To have an optical drive or not is a private choice, but having one will certainly give a further storage medium–the CDs/DVDs. CDs are one of the garage media that had been used before the usage of USB drives.

However, with the growing cloud garage and functions, like Dropbox, utilization of CDs has decreased. But if a person is trying to use a DVD player for looking at movies, a DVD force will genuinely be a much-wished alternative.

  • Battery Life

The second important feature of a normal laptop is battery life. As they do not come with powerful hardware specs, so battery life is very long compared to gaming laptops. This gives additional pleasure while carrying it with you because you don’t have to worry about the charging station.

  • Ports

Apart from business normal laptops are mostly used for watching movies. The display and audio quality of budget laptops are not much appreciable. So, it comes with an HDMI port to allow you to connect your laptop to a TV or a monitor for immersive display. Also, there is an audio jack if you want to connect headphones or external speakers for pleasing audio quality. The other important ports are USB ports, SD card slot, and Ethernet Jack.

Gaming Laptops

They are nothing but personal computers that are suited for playing games. These laptops have specifications that are required for gaming purposes. These machines have a high-end graphics card that enhances the visual experience.

Key Features

  • RAM

The RAM decides the number of programs that can run in parallel on a laptop without affecting the computing speed. More RAM will ensure a better gaming experience. Along with RAM, VRAM (video random access memory) is also important.

VRAM is a dedicated RAM for graphics and videos, and it is an important feature in 3D machines. Remember to check the ratings of the RAM and VRAM before purchasing a gaming laptop.

These were some essential features that need to be given special consideration. However, these same features are important in a normal laptop as well, but their importance in a gaming laptop is more. A special mention of 3D is necessary because today’s gamers need an in-your-face-experience while playing games. So, if you are going to buy a gaming laptop today, you may opt for the 3D one.

  • Viewing Angle

A bad viewing angle means you will not be able to see the screen from all the angles. This can be a big hindrance if you are trying to adjust the screen to suit your comfort. Also, onlookers will have a problem looking at the screen.

  • Processor/Hard Drive

The most important aspect that a gaming laptop should have is the CPU speed. You don’t want your laptop to suddenly freeze while you are in the middle of a game. So, the processor speed is important. Nothing below the GHz range should be considered. Also, the hard drive speed is as important as the processor speed. SATA hard drives draw less power and have good clock speeds.

  • Aspect Ratio

The widescreen format that most laptops offer may not be of much help, because the games, today, don’t support this format. This only means that the games will be stretched to fit your widescreen format. Having said that, a widescreen format does enhance your gaming experience. It is generally, a personal choice as far as this feature is concerned.

  • Screen Size and Display

Earlier, this feature wasn’t given as much importance as it is given today. With the advent of new technologies, like 3D and HD, screen size has become a key feature. To experience both these technological advancements, bigger screens are preferred. There are some other features that need to be given importance, as the aspect ratio.

  • Display Lag

The images that are displayed on the screen should not have any lag time, else the images will not be displayed properly. This time gap between the display of the images is also known as rising and fall. This lag is usually, observed in HD laptops and LCDs. It refers to the lag between an input signal and its display on the output device. If this lag increases, two images may overlap, and the gaming experience will be ruined.

  • Graphics

As mentioned earlier, gaming laptops have the best graphics among all the other laptops in the market. While buying one, ensure that the graphics card is the latest one, and also check if it can be upgraded. Most graphics cards can be upgraded to new ones without doing much with the rest of the hardware. When it comes to GPUs, the best in the business are NVIDIA and ATI.

Why buy a gaming laptop?

It is understood that gaming laptops are mostly bought by game lovers. The ones who love gaming and have a high inclination towards gaming, need the best performance laptops with high-quality graphics and sound and speed.

Advanced features, system specification, and durability make gaming laptops stand unique from others. If you are a gamer, you can’t enjoy or run your games on normal laptops so you need to buy a gaming laptop. If you are not a gamer but like to have the best features like speed and graphics, then you need to consider these gaming laptops.

Can I use a gaming laptop for work/school?

Can you use a gaming laptop for work? Definitely, you can use it for your work. But, you have to check out some basics about gaming laptops.

We think this question may not be so clear if it is the same as your daily work then that is answered above. And if you want to use a gaming laptop for your official or job work so that has also two answers. 1. Yes and 2nd No.

Yes in case if you have a gaming laptop that is lighter with good backup even if it is not the case, but you use it at home in a single place or near your power cord without lifting it up too much, then it can be used.

What’s the difference between a gaming laptop and a regular laptop?

The main difference is that a gaming laptop comes with higher configuration and heavy graphics cards specially designed for gaming and graphics, where a regular or normal laptop comes with a normal configuration like a simple graphics card, memory RAM.

At a Glance:

  • Gaming laptops have all the desired features as a normal laptop does, but high-performance features are needed for the former.
  • The integrated graphics card, that most laptops have, works for normal laptops; however, for a gaming laptop, it is necessary to have a dedicated graphics card. Few laptops come with two graphics cards that further enhance the gaming experience.
  • High-speed processors are a must for gaming laptops, so as to load the game quickly. However, for a normal laptop, a quad-core processor is not a mandatory feature.
  • The size of the RAM is usually on the higher side of gaming laptops. There is a dedicated VRAM also available on most laptops, which is specially dedicated to video memory.
  • The battery life is an important feature for a normal laptop; however, this feature is ignored when it comes to gaming laptops.
  • The bigger screen size and high-quality resolution are generally, needed for gamers in their laptops; however, for a normal laptop user, the balance between size, weight, and resolution is necessary.
  • The most important aspect, i.e., pricing tends to be on a higher side when it comes to gaming laptops. Normal laptops are available in all price ranges, right from the low-cost ones to the costly ones.
  • Connectivity is an important feature when it comes to normal laptops, as mostly, consumers use the laptops for surfing the Internet. This feature is, however, not given much importance with respect to gaming laptops.
  • These laptops are heavier than the normal ones. However, while buying one, this feature is not very significant.
  • The USB slots and webcam are important features in a normal laptop, but they cannot be considered for gaming laptops.


the most important differences are the above. We hope that now you will know the difference between these two types of laptops. Also, if plan for a laptop, you will be able to choose the right laptop according to your needs.

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